A visual history of software quality assurance and testing (Infographic)

An infographic shows you the history of software quality assurance and what you can learn from it.

The best way to learn is from the experience of others. Since the significant failures and successes of others make history, it is advisable to learn from the past of this young discipline.

1950-1960: The Beginnings

It all began with… . Due to the steady proliferation of hardware the available computing power increased which layed the foundation for advanced  calculation.

1990-2000: Models everywhere!

2000-2010: The agile boom

Agile development processes brought a more user-focused approach with them. Functionality

2010-2020: Current state of software quality practice and recent advances

Current state of the art.

The most recent developments are in terms of…

What to learn from this

In conclusion you should always keep in mind that there is a history in every field and that lots of people had to come up with solutions for mundane everyday challenges as well as hard problems. Practitioners acquired those solutions and build them into the products and processes which sometimes seem to come from nowhere. This acquisition of ideas, concepts and methods consequently led to the current state of practice.

Now go boast with the deep insight into the history of software quality assurance and software testing from this handy infographic.

Proudly found and distilled from these sources:

André Nitze

André Nitze

André is a researcher and lecturer at the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences. His industry-oriented research is focused on software quality and mobile applications. Based on his internationally published findings, he guides organizations to craft and implement successful strategies and solutions.
André Nitze

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