How To Build Great Software

Why should I care about good software?

It’s all about the money! — Or, to put it in less capitalistic terms, it’s about preserving resources, which primarily is everyone’s time.

A recent example is a software project of the German employment agency that was canceled after spending 60 million euros. — For example, the software has not been flexible enough to change a bank account number without deleting the full record and typing it in again with the new number.

What is great software?

We’re talking about ‘great’ software here. Great software means the optimum of costs, features, and time spent.


How can I make sure that software works?

The most important thing is to ‘bake’ quality into the process and into the people. This is why the improvement of your development process is crucial.

Perception Drives Action: How Security and Privacy are Perceived and What to Do About it

An old adage in IT security circles? goes like this: perception drives action. That means, the awareness of specific risks informs the actions that are undertaken to mitigate, avoid or ignore those risks.

We know that not all our users can be aware. We also know that those who can be aware sometimes are not.

The Perception of Risk and Value
We assume that the decision to use a service is based on the users’ risk perception and the users’ value perception of that service. For example, if it seems risky to use

(aka cost-benefit-ratio)

But how do we change that?
Marketing: Showing the customer the real value and risk

– X increases perceived value
– Telling people the car accident rates of self-driving cars decreases perceived risk

This is an example of Facebook value perception

If you tell people that Facebook sells data about young adults with suicidal intentions, the risk perception changes. That doesn’t mean they change their view, but they might incorporate it into their perception of the service.

How to become a thought leader in your industry

The Thought Leadership Course

This is a six-month-course on how to become a thought leader in the software industry.

Being irreplaceable feels great. Not (only) for the money, but for the

The career course consists of four blocks with each.

There’s easy things you can do every moment and there is hard stuff that takes some time but really sets you apart from others in your field.

Part 1: Finding your passion

How to find your passion and how pursuing it serves others

How to keep work, life and yourself in balance

What is valuable content and how do you create it?

Part 2: Being great at what you do

Improving your skills fast (taking notes, sleep, exercise, nutrition)

How to participate in expert communities

How to network in a business environment

Save what you learn

Part 3: Selling yourself and your service

How to create a personal brand and a platform

How to be loud enough

How to write and propose an article about your topic

What if I don’t like it?

Other priorities? Too afraid? — No Problem! You can leave the course within the first four weeks and get your money back.

How dangerous will it be?

Only a bit. — It’s an interactive self-learning course, but there are many points where you will get appreciative but direct human feedback on your answers and results. Also, you will have the opportunity to . This is to you accountable.

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Loosing word battles against your boss and coworkers? – Arm yourself with facts and a balanced opinion!

Software has become a critical foundation of the world. The “QualityMagnet” is a tool for the software community to improve it’s knowledge and competence.

Its goals are:

  • to discuss and assess current trends based on facts and first-hand experience
  • to help create a common understanding of new concepts of the field
  • to foster learning of new and established methods and concepts
  • to spread profund knowledge and scrutinize everyday-wisdom
  • to make all of the above fun!

Community-based – Everyone’s invited to post high-quality content to contribute to the intellectual growth of the community.

Validation-centered – Any non-trivial facts must be underpinned by data or personal experience.

Quality-obsessed – Every topic related to technology and software is welcome as long as it’s about improving the professional and personal quality of our work.

The QualityMagnet attracts high-quality content (articles, columns, tutorials, experience reports, validated research findings). It repels suggestive, squishy reasoning and disguised opinions. If you’re cool with that, we’re looking forward to your article idea.

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  • Hype-O-Meter: Crowd-driven trend assessment  (a hybrid of StackOverflow and the Hype-Cycle).
  • War Stories: Successful implementations and awful-projects-from-hell. – Told like a bedtime story with a  lessons learned (a.k.a. ‘post-mortems’).
  • Trend Spotting:  Deliberate validation and wild speculation on trending topics.
  • Myth Busting:
  • In the future: Real-life meetups, online courses, helper monkeys and much more…!

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