What is… Reverse Engineering?

Reverse engineering is the attempt to understand the inner workings of a software product by disassembling it. Most applications are just compressed folders (or archives/packages) that include all the source code, images and configuration files.

To prevent disassembling, obfuscation is used. – Source code (and any other text-based information) can be obfuscated easily by replacing variable names etc. with arbitrary strings and removing whitespace and comments. However, there is no bulletproof way to prevent Reverse Engineering. It can only be made harder. This is why critical business logic is usually placed on the server side and queried by the client.

André Nitze

André Nitze

Researcher / Consultant at QualityMagnet UG
André is a researcher and lecturer at the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences. His industry-oriented research is focused on software quality and mobile applications. Based on his internationally published findings, he guides organizations to craft and implement successful strategies and solutions.
André Nitze

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